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Why Buy a Land ?

  1. Don’t risk you and your family’s Shelter/ Accommodation
  2. Avoid the discomfort and nuisance associated with Tenancy
  3. Arguably, land and building are the best physical inheritance you can ever leave for your Child
  4. Think strategically like a wise rich successful man, own part of Ghana by investing in Land.
  5. Arguably, Land and Building hardly lose value, rather the only asset that appreciates in value.
  6. You never know what resource you could struck on the land that you own
  7. You determine your own building style, spacing etc to suit your needs.
  8. Your dream business or house will be built on land, so why not be your own land Lord…

Why Register a Land ?

  1. It provides the land with security from encroachers
  2. Registering a land increases the value of the land
  3. Registered land qualifies you for bank mortgages
  4. It serves as a collateral for financial credits or loans
  5. As law demands, it legitimizes the proprietary rights over the asset
  6. It helps you facilitate for building permit
  7. You stand to be better compensated if government needs your land for development projects
  8. Registered land makes you one step ahead of your opponent in case of legal battles…

Why Deal With Ebenyados ?

  1. We have been in the industry since 2007
  2. We have a strong cordial relationship with our operational partners
  3. We have a track record for expediency and excellence
  4. We deliver on time
  5. We give value for money…